Friday, 9 August 2013

Printing + with Julia Swarbrick in the Elizabethan Kitchen, Lytham Hall

We scored, cut, stuck, rolled, pressed and revealed in the first of three sessions with Julia.  All the processes used can be done at home.  The following images will give you a sense of what to do.
I see spoons and forks quite differently now.
Next time we'll be printing on bags and other things... 

scoring pizza packaging with a fork
applying printing ink
laying paper on top and rubbing with the bowl of a spoon

print and the home printer's friend

improvised drying line in the courtyard - notice the painted windows to keep Georgian symmetry


making printing blocks





Julia demonstrates lino cutting


"Blackbird", Julia Swarbrick 2012

 part of Circles of Light (ATICS) 2013


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