Thursday, 28 March 2019

Matisse, master of colour & shape

Starting points for different approaches to visual art can be found in strange places.
Today, we used images taken from a Dulux brochure.

We looked at the work of Matisse and learnt a little about his life and inspirations then using our appropriated images, recreated interiors full of colour and shape.

Finally, we looked at why Matisse introduced black back into his pallet and those who wanted too, added black to their work.

The lovely results are below, followed by examples of Matisse's work.
Well done everyone! 




demo page - looking at black outlines

Christine - unfinished

starting points

Interior with Vase  1934

The Dessert , Harmony in Red  1908
oil on canvas (70.9 x 86.6in)

Thursday, 21 March 2019

water-soluble pencils & an image

After briefly looking at several water-soluble products, we chose an image to use as a starting point to enable us to experiment with water-soluble, coloured pencils.

Some found this easier than others.  
Well done everyone - we learn most from our mistakes!


Monica (take 2)



Demo page

Thursday, 7 March 2019

books, rhythm & colour

In celebration of Art Circle being back in St Annes Library, we used books and bookshelves as our starting point for this session.

We experienced creating rhythm by populating drawn shelves with books.  Pat's piece  illustrates perfectly how we automatically find an easy way to draw repetitive objects thus creating rhythm.  

Then we considered composition as we chose and applied spot colour.  

Finally, we framed the pieces by giving colour to the bookshelves.

Beautiful work - well done everyone!





Christine - demo page