Monday, 19 August 2013

Silk Painting, 19th Aug with Tina Lane at Lytham Hall

This is another addictive activity...

By the end of the session there were plans afoot for two participants to open a shop with all the things they intended to make; talk of silk painting, home parties cropped up and we had to tidy things away around someone determined to keep embellishing with gutta!

Thank you for a fab afternoon Tina. 

Tina will be at St Annes Music and Arts Festival, 6th - 14th September delivering drop-in activities.  No need to book - just turn up.

More info soon.

a simple design

transferred to the silk
outlined with gutta which forms a "wall" to keep the paint in specific areas 

flooding with colour

adding salt whist still damp...
to make random textures 

working into with gutta

manoeuvring the salt 

reflection:  what went well, what might be better
part of Circles of Light (ATICS) 2013

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