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Drawing Inspiration Awards 19th March 2012


Michael Farady

We passed Michael Faraday who, in 1821 published his work on electromagnetic rotation, the principle behind the electric motor.  Here he holds his own circle of light.

Our destination, Two Temple Place is a magnificent building built for the first Viscount Astor, William Waldorf in the 1890's by architect John Loughborough Pearson. 

Two Temple Place is now owned by the Bulldog Trust.

Bulldog Trust
 On arrival we were greeted by the Campaign for Drawing and Big Draw Team who pointed us in the right direction for Big Draw's Little Draw. 

Surrounded by the beautiful paintings of "Amongst Heroes: the artist in working Cornwall" which is on show until 14th April 2013 and well worth a visit, I made a pierced paper, shade for a tealight in a glass jar using a process utilised by one of the other award winners and made a drawing of fish inspired by the exhibition. 

Fortunately, I have no evidence of my finished work to show here - but both were fun to do.  

Following an exploration of the building everyone made their way upstairs for the prize giving. 

Sue Grayson Ford MBE FRSA Director, The Campaign for Drawing welcomed everyone and enthused about 2012's Big Draw and thanked their very generous, supporters.

Dryden Goodwin shared his love of drawing and showed us his latest work.  The most striking of which was a series of 1,000 plus drawings he made of his five year old son breathing which were shown as an animation across the river from the Houses of Parliament. 

Dryden Goodwin
The awards were then presented.  After a short introduction about each project, accompanied by images and films the recipients were presented with their awards.  I'm very pleased to tell everyone, in her introduction to Circles of Light - Fylde, Sue refered to me as "an activist".  The last time I was very pleased to be called something, it was a Muppet but I'm assured activist is much more complimentary! 

Sue Grayson Ford & image from Circles of Light (The Big Draw in Fylde) 2012
Each section of winners were hearalded by a trumpet fanfare which was great fun, particularly in such a grand setting.

Sally Carter from The Barbara Whatmore Charitable Trust presented my award which included a certificate designed by Sir Quentin Blake. 

Sue also added later via email, "I am using this opportunity to say again how grateful we are for your support of The Big Draw - and for conceiving and organising such brilliant activities in its name. I'm sure our admiration - and that of your fellow guests - was loud and clear! ...

I forgot to say half the things I meant to about how rewarding and heart-warming I found the occasion. I wanted to ask everyone to look up at the incredible frieze William Waldorf Astor commissioned for the Great Hall, where we held the ceremony. When he sat at his desk (the Hall was his office), he took inspiration from a procession of his favourite heroes and heroines (fictional and historic) above the panelling. So how apt that you - the Campaign's heroines and heroes - met in this amazing room watched over by Viscount Astor's carved and gilded figures.

As he was short-sighted the gilding helped him see them more clearly! But there the parallels end, as I could see you all, and was delighted you were able to join us."

The Great Hall

It was a fabulous day. 

I knew the Circles of Light (The Big Draw in Fylde) was successful by the responses from everyone who took part but to have its success endorsed by winning such a prestigoius award is very, very special.

Thank you.

Do check out the links in the text and below if you can.  They will tell you more about;
  • Two Temple Place, an incredible building and current exhibition, Amongst Heroes: the artist in working Cornwall - 26th January - 14th April 2013
  • The Campaign for Drawing 
  • Drawing Inspiration Award Winners
and take you to more images on Flickr

More images

Drawing Inspiration from The Big Draw 2012

We are delighted to announce the winners of our prestigious Drawing Inspiration Awards for outstanding 2012 events, sponsored by the Barbara Whatmore Charitable Trust. Each name listed is linked to their event on our Drawing in Action microsite. Help celebrate these exceptional projects by taking a closer look:

firstsite, Colchester - Leading the Line
The Open Museum, Glasgow - 31 Days of Inspiration
Ordsall Community Arts - Life at the Top
Runners Up
University of Birmingham - The Drawing Factory
Blind Veterans UK - The Physical Line
Creative Cricklewood - Open Door Big Draw
Highly Commended
Culzean Castle and County Park - Silver Avenue Art
De La Warr Pavilion - What's Your Journey?
John Jamieson School, Leeds - Round and About
Christine Stringfellow - Circles of Light, Fylde
University of Cambridge Museums - The Big Draw Tour
St Albans Arts, Sports & Health - St Albans in Lines
Creative Schools Award
Sharp Lane Primary School, Leeds - 'Sharp Lane 360 - Buildings All Around Us'
Nottinghamshire County Council Arts Service- Big Draw Training Programme
International Trailblazer
Playeum, the Play Museum, Singapore - 2012 in Lines
National Association of Decorative & Fine Arts Societies
AccessArt & Cambridge School of Art at Anglia Ruskin University - The Big Art School Draw
NADFAS Highly Commended
The Brentwood Road Gallery at The Frances Bardsley Academy - Objects of You & Cross Country Extravaganza
The Drawing Inspiration Awards Ceremony is on 19 March at Two Temple Place. Winners receive their award and a commemorative certificate designed by Sir Quentin Blake. We will share event photos on our facebook and twitter profiles, so follow us today!

Sunday, 17 March 2013

Winner of one of 16 prestigous awards from the Campaign for Drawing.

Around 1,300 Big Draw activities took place across the UK last year.  Circles of Light (The Big Draw in Fylde) 2012 was one of them. 
The 16 winners can be found via the link below, I feel honoured we are included.

Barbara Whatmore Charitable Trust Award 2012 Highly Commended

The Barbara Whatmore Charitable Trust aims to increase public appreciation of the arts and music. Their awards recognise educators, artists, teachers and others who use The Big Draw to extend participants’ perception of drawing and to engage them in innovative activities. They reward organisers whose events relate to their setting, local environment or community, show a clear purpose and good results. Individual drawings may have been used to create a collective artwork, or a public display to celebrate participants’ achievements.
Congratulations on a fabulous project!
Best wishes:  Sue

Sue Grayson Ford MBE FRSA
Director, The Campaign for Drawing

Packing for London now.  More will follow .....