Thursday, 21 September 2017

colour: wheels & water

The task, in two parts

1.  Create a colour wheel
select primary colours then blur the boundaries to create secondary colours

2. sketch still-life using pencil, add colour that has been mixed rather than direct from the pan & if necessary work into painting using ink or pencil

The work made was approx A4.
Lovely results - well done everyone!






Friday, 15 September 2017

Art Circle at the St Ives Hotel

We're staying at the St Ives Hotel until and including 7 December - Hoorah!

Apparently St Annes Library will be closed at least until the end of the year but our new friends at the St Ives Hotel have come to the rescue.  We will keep the week after next as a break and will take a break over half term when the hotel uses our room for children's activities.  So...

Art Circle next week, 21 September
No Art Circle 28 September

Art Circle 5 & 12 October
No Art Circle 19 & 26 October

Art Circle 2 November until 7 December inclusive.

Newcomers welcome!

Thursday, 14 September 2017

swimming pool, composition & charcoal

The task...
Using masking tape, place the structure of the drawing (composition) onto the paper.
Using compressed charcoal and utilising charcoal's unique qualities draw the swimming pool. 
Remove the masking tape and work into the masked areas if required.

This was very experimental.  Firstly, the pool was viewed through a window which made the foreground an additional consideration and secondly the pool and its surrounds created an almost clinical setting which made the tonal values very important. Plus, we used large paper. 
Not an easy task.  In fact, I think I heard some huffing & puffing but... the results were brilliant!

Well done everyone!

Christine:  demo page





Thursday, 7 September 2017

broccoli, line & imagination

Lovely to be back after our late summer break.  Our temporary new home at the St Ives Hotel is great and we're being spoilt - thank you!  

Our task this week
Working with line, draw one or more aspects of broccoli then use as a starting point for something else.

The results follow - amazing, well done everyone and lovely to see you again!








Mike - unfinished (from the afternoon session on the prom)