Saturday, 24 October 2015

Hallowe'en inspired - cut outs continue...

Again, we were looking at outline rather than creating the illusion of form as we did in the still-lifes a couple of weeks ago.  This time however, we played with different colours behind the cut outs and experimented with collage.

Well done everyone!

Half term break next week - see you on the 4th or 5th November when we'll look at Egyptian Gardens...

Jean - in progress:  Alston Hall re-appropriated 

Jean:  finished piece

Tommy:  images built from hotel brochure
Tommy:  finished piece

Christine:  Warners Hotel invasion 


Tommy's finished piece from last week
Christine:  Bodelwyddan re-appropriated

Thursday, 15 October 2015

experimental cut-outs with Art Circle

to be completed



in preparation for next week & hallowe'en....
Want to have a go?  
Come & join us.
Places are available in St Annes Library - Thursdays, 11 - 12.30pm.

Thursday, 8 October 2015

2B pencils, observation & no shadows

We started by observational drawings without shadows then a few brave people worked into their drawings to create something else...
Well done everyone - lovely work!

Next week we'll be cutting so craft knives and cutting boards will be useful if you have them.  No problem if not, there's an alternative...


Want to have a go?  
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Sketch books keep your work together but an inexpensive way to start is by using lining paper from your local DIY shop.

Friday, 2 October 2015

2B pencils, straight edges and observation, observation, observation...

Trickier week this week...
Measured drawing using 2B pencils and a straight edge.  This is enough to give anyone wrinkles and an achy arm.

Whatever your preferred form of creativity, observation is an important tool.
My images don't show the sighs and the angst but do show some lovely drawings and excellent first attempts at a very disciplined form of learning.

The last three images show how we explored composition too, demonstrating that even when something is finished careful cropping can enhance the work made.

Very well done everyone - excellent work!