Monday, 5 August 2013

Kilmartin and the Potfest

I'm back... 
After a few days in Scotland and a return journey via the beautiful Eden Valley and the Potfest, I'm back.
All calls and emails will be responded to today - thank you for being patient.

Kilmartin standing stones
On an extremely windy day, we left the boat and explored Kilmartin on foot where we found an extraordinary series of cairns, standing stones and stone circles in a beautiful setting.  The weather made it perfect.  
Kilmartin lichen
Kilmartin stone circle
One of my travelling companions was heading for the Potfest on the way home where I found some more Circles of Light and work that has to be seen to be fully appreciated.  Personal highlights of the festival below.

Sylvia Glover Ceramics, Davenport

Sutherland Ceramics, Scottish Borders

Lina & Simona Bekeriene, Lithuania
Sylvia Glover
Rob Sutherland
Lina Bekeriene

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