Sunday, 30 June 2013

Lee Fitzgerald aka Mr Dee

Contemporary Calligraphy with Lee Fitzgerald aka Mr Dee

"Graffiti is the current phase of the natural evolution of written words as an art form.

Contemporary calligraphy with its roots in medieval illuminated manuscripts and quill penned notes through to advertising logos and today's digital fonts. 

Artists and enthusiasts alike are rediscovering the beauty of the written form thanks to graffiti writing, a modern day take on the 26 letters that make up our alphabet." 

Lee will be at;
Kirkham; 1 – 4pm Saturday 13th July. 
Find him and his team in the park near Morrisons. 
Drop-in and have a go... 
Lytham Hall; 13th August working with people aged 50+.  A day's workshop in a fabulous setting.   
Ring 01253 713553 or email to book a place 
St Annes Music & Arts Festival; 14th September.
(more details to follow) 

Silk Painting with Tina Lane

Silk Painting with Tina Lane

Tina is a relative newcomer to silk painting, a fact which will inspire everyone in her sessions to “have a go”.  By using simple techniques, Tina makes beautiful translucent patterns and images float onto the fabric. 

Tina has designed her full day workshops to enable adult beginners to make something magical too.
To book; ring 01253 713553 or email

Tina will be at;
Lytham Hall; 19th, 21st & 23rd August
St Annes Music & Arts Festival; 8th September

"Printing +" with Julia Swarbrick

"Printing +" with Julia Swarbrick

Julia Swarbrick is a visual artist working primarily in paint and printmaking who is a member of Artlab, Contemporary Printmakers based at the University of Central Lancashire, Preston.

She takes her inspiration from the immediate environment and her mental biography which is well stocked with images, both real and imagined.  Julia also takes cues from the making process itself.
Julia's sessions are intergenerational and suitable for adults.
To book; ring 01253 713553 or email

Julia will be at;
Lytham Hall
Half day sessions; 8th, 15th, 16th & 30th August
Full day session; 29th August.

"2D to 3D" with Helen Pemberton

"2D to 3D" with Helen Pemberton

Helen achieved a Masters Degree from the Royal College of Art where her work was informed by alchemical vessels which placed the artist in the position of Alchemist.  

Her final pieces were made from scrap mild steel and finished with oil paint, carefully leaving areas of the original patina showing.  The objects were re-invented, alchemical vessels; symbols to empower women.

Helen will re-investigate sculptural language through the project in stimulating and thought provoking, full day workshops. 
Suitable for adults.  To book; ring 01253 713553 or email

Helen will be at;
Lytham Hall; 6th & 27th August
St Annes Music & Arts Festival; 10th September.

Five Artists, 30 free workshops... check out the blog for details

Circles of Light (ATICS) 2013

Jeanette Lawton aka Cosmic Pots

Ceramic Taster Sessions with Jeanette Lawton aka Cosmic Pots

Jeanette Lawton makes quirky, appealing, free-flow pieces that pull you by the heart strings.  Her work is intuitive and is more about the love of the material than commonly perceived “perfection” yet the results are beautiful.

Jeanette will be at;
Private Venue in Lytham;  sorry this is fully booked
St Annes Music and Arts Festival; 6th & 7th August
(details to follow)
(other venues to be announced)

Monday, 24 June 2013

Five artists, 30 free workshops in Fylde...

Five fabulous artist have been selected.  We are now finalising dates and locations of 30 free art activities for Fylde residents and visitors.

Some will be at Lytham Hall, some at St Annes Music and Arts Festival and some will be in Kirkham.

All will be announced on this blog.

1 - 4pm Saturday, 13th July we will be in Kirkham Memorial Park. 

suitable for all ages and abilities, more details soon