Thursday, 21 May 2015

utilising pages for experimental still life & origami

This week's sessions were the last before a two week break.  
All were invited to work on their own project but I had a back-up plan...

Both groups worked with pages taken from withdrawn library books.  Lytham Art Circle explored origami and St Annes Art Circle incorporated text into experimental still-life - the fab results follow.

Have a lovely break everyone and I look forward to Wed, 10th June & Thurs, 11th June when we restart.  Hopefully we'll be able to be out and about more. 


Betty (bowling superstar too)
Jonti & Jane - flapping bird 

more boats were added to the fleet

Angie's approach

Betty's approach

Jo's approach

Eil - prep for textile


Thursday, 14 May 2015

sakura, solvite, sticky...

tissue paper enabled experimentation with layering, colour, shape, composition & form
We found similarities with textiles; looked at making multiples and generally got sticky.
All good fun with a range of figurative, mysterious and evocative results.  Fab... well done!

Reminder:  Next week is our last session before a two week break.  When we return we'll be thinking about our contribution to Lytham Arts Festival (4th - 11th July) and St Annes Music & Arts Festival (18th - 26th July).

Both festivals will include a full day, Art Circle drop-in activity for anyone who wants to have a go!
[more details nearer the time]

Mabs & Jane











Thursday, 7 May 2015

portraits using Derwent Inktense

One & a half hours isn't that long to try out new materials and produce a portrait...
Well done everyone!

Monica by Monica:  "What!"

Wyn by Angie

Derwent Inktense - water-soluble ink pencils

by Eil

by Ray

Angie by Wyn