Thursday, 26 April 2018

lines, lanterns & lights

Some beautiful work this week.  Some folk just can't see how good they are...
The following drawings don't show the concentration and sometimes angst that goes into them.  Learning to draw is exactly that, "learning" to draw.  However, the hardest part is usually starting.

Well done everyone, particularly our new people - it does get easier!  

Anne:  initial still life

Anne:  continuous line drawing 

Brenda:  initial still life

Brenda:  continuous line drawings

Brenda:  continuous line drawings
Joan:  initial still life

Joan:  without looking at the page

Joan:  continuous line drawing
demo page 1

demo page 2:  without looking at the page
& continuous line drawings

demo page 3:  continuous line drawing







Stuart:  2nd drawing
[To me, this reads as lights in conversation:  maybe the one on the right
is shouting at the one on the left!  Brilliant...]