Friday, 14 November 2014

Art Circle at St Annes Library...

Thursdays, 11 - 12.30 from 4th December

This hands-on, new initiative is for all abilities to "have a go" at making visual art.  

We'll learn about how artists work and how to read artworks:  we'll work in different scales:  we'll work outside as well as inside:  we'll make things as individuals and we'll make things together.  We'll use words/text in our work and when we're more confident, we might exhibit what we have made.  Most importantly, we'll develop our creativity and extend our ways of seeing.

Cost will be kept to a minimum and will cover materials.  (approx. £2.50 - £4 per session)  The first session is £2.50.  

All welcome - if demand is high I'll organise more sessions.
with very best wishes