Saturday, 16 January 2021

from our walk...

This series started during the first lockdown in March 2020.  At the time I hadn't thought of it as a series.  I took photographs from a particular place on each of our daily walks and bike rides and shared to social media - part documentary, part something to do.   

As we experienced our lovely warm spring and summer, the images, still from the same place began to have a life of their own.  Not only did they document the location, state of the tide, weather etc but they also became a social record of visitors to the area.  At one stage families and crowds of friends were everywhere across the beach and sand dunes; playing, paddling, sunbathing and all the other joyful things you can do at the seaside.  The negative side of this was the detritus they left behind, the germs they shared and the litter trails carried by the wind.  

This lockdown, January 2021, the images have been taken at different locations.  The precise way they have been taken have turned them into something else again.  "Island:  lockdown 3" reflects the islands households have become. 

"Island:  lockdown 3"  January 2021

after lockdown 1, spring/summer 2020

Sunday, 10 January 2021

New Year - New Sketchbook

The timing of needing to replace my pocket sketchbook was perfect.  This one is A6 opening out to A5 which is half A4 (letter size).

Prompted by my other half watching "Robin Hood Prince of Thieves" which includes images from the Bayeux Tapestry in its titles*.  I decided to bring out my souvenir booklet and revisit drawing some of the creatures depicted in the embroidery.  The following images show the work so far.  They are in reverse chronological order.

The first drawing is a larger version of some of the earlier ones.  This was made during a Unofficial: The Big Picture day when a group of people meet via Zoom & WhatsApp to be creative together.

*I know - Hollywood changing history.  The film also changes geography.  Apparently you can cross the channel, land near the white cliffs and walk to Hadrian's Wall in the same day and... King John has a Scottish accent.  However, it's a good film and stands watching more than once. 

A3 - done as part of Unofficial: The Big Picture drawing day, 9 Jan '21

Sunday, 13 December 2020

Christangle: part of The Big Picture

 The Big Picture started as a "large scale drawing project for artists" and has developed into an on-line creative day which is open to anyone who wants to join in.  [follow the link for details]

My work is below.

"Christangle" comes from a smaller doodle I find myself doing occasionally.  The smaller drawings developed from some of this year's Christmas Cards.  

I thought I would keep it on the table for a while and add to it - a bit like a jigsaw.

It's straight forward - have a go!

Saturday, 5 September 2020

not by me -

The images in this series are watercolours by the father of a school friend.  I've shared them in memory of him and to encourage and inspire people who see them.

Derek Buckler was an architect by profession which is demonstrated in his lovely depiction of the buildings.  His figures that populate some of the pieces are less confident but they add to the charm of the work.  It's a pleasure to see a small part of his legacy here.  Thank you Alison for passing them on to me.

Elmslie Girls School, Blackpool
Windsor Castle
Westminster Abbey
St Thomas's Church, St Annes
St Paul's Cathedral
Micklegate Priory, York
Holy Trinity, Blackpool
Caenarfon Castle

Hawkshead Town Hall, Cumbria
Heysham Parish Church
Bridge of Sighs, Cambridge
Belle Island, Windermere
Bell Tower, Pisa
Abbotsford, Melrose:  home of Sir Walter Scot

Friday, 4 September 2020

Art Circle returns via Zoom...

Well that was interesting!

A huge thank you to my guinea pigs.  It was lovely to see you both again.  We not only managed to navigate technology but produced some drawings too.

During recent months one of the most significant and interesting things for me was how people communicated on-line.  It wasn't so much that we interacted through our electronic devices but that we presented ourselves within a snap shot of our domestic lives. 

I'm sure I'm not alone when I confess to being fascinated by the background to speakers:  the contents of bookshelves; artwork, calendars, clocks etc on walls; furniture, plants, the rooms they chose etc etc.  After a while, like me I should image you spotted the settings that were staged.  For example an mp (sorry, can't remember who) who added religious artefacts to his bookshelf when being interviewed about a particular group of people;  individuals who added a front cover view of books pertinent to what they were saying; the list goes on.  

The most interesting and charming were the people who made no changes to their surroundings.  The screen shot of these (although I didn't take any) were perfect portraits.

I began drawing some of these throughout lockdown and thought this would be an appropriate starting point for our on-line, test session.
A few of my drawings follow the ones below.

Well done guinea pigs and thank you for joining me!
Derrick and Monica by Christine