Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Contemporary Calligraphy with Lee Fitzgerald at Lytham Hall

What an extraordinary day!
Using one image and appropriate text, a group of unlikely graffiti artists were instructed on how to make a piece of ephemeral, Urban Art in the beautifully grounds of Lytham Hall. 
"Fabulous idea Lee.  I guess lots of people will think of copying this but we will know it was yours first - and for Circles of Light - thank you!"


our support:  cling film stretched around two perfectly placed trees

practising spray techniques

Lee outlines Lytham Hall - then we can begin

from the back:  notice the light coming through the unpainted windows

I couldn't resist...


after lunch Lee worked on Lytham Hall and we finished "circles of light"


Circles tagged "Circles of Light - Fylde" 2013

finished - plus team tags

ephemeral Urban Art removed - natural setting restored


Come and have a go yourself at St Annes Music and Arts Festival, 6th - 14th Sept.

More info will follow soon

part of Circles of Light (ATICS) 2013

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