Saturday, 21 May 2016

head, shoulders, memory & pose

There's plenty of help in books and on-line to draw a generic face and although I'm an advocate for observational drawings this schematic approach can remind us of what to look for and / or what to remember.

so our task...
Draw a face of someone we know well, from memory.
Using the schematic drawing and accompanying notes, draw a series of imaginary faces.
Make an observational drawing of the person opposite.

The session reminded us that no face is the same as another and the left side of the face is usually different from the right side.  

The results are below.  They show people we know well from memory & observational drawings.  Well done everyone - excellent results!

[other drawings were made too but someone forgot to take my camera that day - sorry...]

Angie's people

Betty's people

David's people

Elizabeth Anne's people

Monica's people

Pauline's people

Thursday, 12 May 2016

Cezanne to Cubism in time for tea

We revisited a previous session when we explored the work of Cezanne, to trace the journey of Braques and then Picasso into Cubism.

Our starting point was a teapot, two clocks, paper plates, paper serviettes and a series of thumbnail sketches.  All experimental with a mix of results.

Well done everyone - not an easy task - but as usual you rose to the challenge...

Angie 1

Angie 2

Betty 1
Betty 2



Dorothy 1

Dorothy 2

Elizabeth Anne


Monica 1

Monica 2

observational drawing at Lytham Hall

Most enjoyable - good company, a beautiful setting and the rain stopped.



Thursday, 5 May 2016

art circle, globes, pencils & charcoal...

In response to our travels over Easter, a globe seemed appropriate.
Welcome back & well done everyone!