Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Colour Codes with Christine

Self-portrait by Jeanette at the start of the evening

Christine by Sophie

Jeanette by Simone

Drawing after relaxation/meditation by Jeanette

Simone's drawings: after relaxation; at the start of the evening and Simone by Jeanette  

Apologies to Jackie, Lisa, Michelle, Dawn & Sophie for forgetting my camera.  Your drawings were wonderful too...  Michelle's 8 year old daughter spent the time making beautiful drawings of angels - sorry again, no piccie.  
Thank you everyone for making it a very special evening & to Simone at the Angel Lounge for making us so welcome. 

Also, a special thank you to Pamela Young.  We referred to Pam's colour meanings which came to her during meditation at a Rainbow Group in 1988.  Her biography, "Hope Street" is well worth reading.  'When you read Hope Street, you are uplifted, exhilarated, excited at the profound truths that shine through. This radiant book will bring great comfort, healing and hope to all who are blessed by reading it.'   

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Pinch Pots with Jeanette aka Cosmic Pots


...meditation enabled us to make pinch pots with our eyes closed! 

 Above made during relaxation thinking about trees.
Below using guided meditation.  
All pots were fired and glazed to enhance texture.


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Monday, 21 July 2014

Colour Codes Workshop: We'll explore what an aura is and have a go at drawing them using meditation and the beautiful colours of artists' quality soft pastels.

Colour Codes: 
7 – 9pm, Tuesday, 29th July 2014
The Angel Lounge, 17 Alexander Drive, St Annes

No experience needed - all materials supplied - £8

Welcome and Introductions
Overview of Session
Aura Self-portraits
Meditation/relaxation & Mark Making
Short break
Working in pairs:  Meditation & Aura Portraits and intuitive reflection on work made
Colour Meanings
Reflection on all work made using Colour Meanings – Does it fit?
Summary & What’s next?

Please book by contacting me or emailing, 

Sunday, 13 July 2014

Colour Codes: Orange I

Colour Codes - "Orange I", ink on paper, 18 x 12 cm 
Colour Codes
acrylic paint or ink on paper, assorted sizes July 2014

With a nod to the Rorschach inkblot tests, this series of work sits between a visual meditation of the chakras (the subtle energy centres of the body) and a labyrinthine journey to the soul.

Although superficially symmetrical, as the viewer engages with the piece differences become more and more apparent.  Rather like a child’s “spot the difference” game the eye is shifting back and forth to catch the variations.  Once accepting the differences, the eye can follow an inward journey around the work and gently absorb the colour which will imbue its own qualities into the viewer.