Wednesday, 16 December 2015

How to make Christmas Trees from a Christmas food catalogue...

Booths Christmas catalogue is excellent for this.

Top Tips
use card to make a firm base
chocolate logs make excellent tree trunks
canap├ęs are great for baubles 

The examples below are numbered in the image above.

1  cut shape from card to make a firm base; attached same shape in the main colour of the tree (These can be trimmed again when stuck together, if necessary.); decorate with strips of paper in contrasting colour; add circles and a star (mince pies are good!)

2  use a larger area of a dark colour; cut out shape; use metallic pencils to decorate

3 roll strips of paper (use a pencil to help); attach to card; cut into tree shape;  flatten three rolls at the base to make the pot; carefully make the tubes round again for the branches; add star (could be from a Christmas Cake picture!)

4  on to card, lay strips of paper in a colour of your choice (this time icy blues); draw on tree shape and cut out    

5  use triangular shaped food (maybe quiche or cake slices - pears are good too) cut out and add trunk; group together

6  make trunk (chocolate log works well); add Christmas cake decorations to make foliage

7  cut elongated triangle; fold like a concertina; using hole punch, make hole through all the folds whilst held together; roll more paper to make trunk; push trunk through punched holes; carefully open out the tree into a tree shape

Have a go... 
Have fun with it & make up your own tree.

glue stick       children's scissors     scissors     metallic pencils     

for inexpensive card, use the back of an old note book or A4 pad (These are useful things to keep for all sorts of things.)

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