Thursday, 25 January 2018

Jackson Pollock, continuous lines & spots of colour

We started the session by looking at the work and processes of Jackson Pollock.

The Task
Using a pen or pencil, draw three walls of the room in a continuous line.
Repeat twice more.
Select three colours.
Using one colour, fill 7 shapes in the drawing.
as above with the second and then the third colour
Consider carefully where to place the colour.  You have control over how viewers will see the work. 

Those who finished quickly were then asked to repeat the process but with a different subject.
Most excellent everyone!

[2 April, additional drawing added below]

Mabel 1

Mabel 2

Mike 1

Mike 2

Mike, "Mabel, Monica & Dorothy"

Monica 1

Monica 2

Monica 3

Stuart 1

Stuart 2

Stuart 3

Dorothy 1

Dorothy 2

Mandy:  made by following the blog - brill!

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