Thursday, 1 February 2018

maquettes, memories & musings

We started by thinking about site specific, public art.  We then made maquettes from a variety of available material.  In discussion, we considered; scale, if anything could be tweaked, where they would be located and viewers' responses to them.

Gosh, this opened a can of worms!  I think we all had a vent about something but as Monica reminded us, public art does sometimes provoke response and lively debate.

Lovely, colourful work below.  Well done everyone!  

Dorothy:  the poppy as an analogy of war - very large scale

Mabel:  the sea with blood to be sited on the continent nr the scene of a battle

Mabel:  in celebration of the Gurkhas 
Mike:  mining in Nottinghamshire  

Monica:  in memory of a Manx internment camp, to be sited at the top of a hill over looking Peel, IOM 

Monica:  Blackpool

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