Sunday, 18 March 2018

2Bs, boxes & boldness

An apparently simple, still life of boxes were drawn using 2B pencils.  Continually checking proportions and angles enabled the boxes to be placed more accurately on the paper.  Their main shadows were then added to give form which makes the drawing look more 3 dimensional. 
A final tweaking and "magic corners" facilitated considering composition.

Everyone made changes to their drawings along the way, demonstrating the need to work lightly or as Norman, my tutor taught me 20 yrs ago, "not to give too much away".  This enables elements to be changed easily and allows initial marks to sink back into the drawing as more accurate and confident marks are made on top.  

"Not giving too much away" is partly the reason some of the images on the blog are not as bold as others: as individuals become more experienced, beautiful, tonal drawings are produced.   

Excellent work folks!  





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