Friday, 30 March 2018

people, pencil & paper

The first of two Art Circles which turned into one-to-one sessions...

The task
put the planned task, back in my bag

After discussion, we decided to draw some of the service users who were in the library.  

The lady at the computer sat still long enough for a more detailed study whereas the boy at the desk, fidgeted continuously which brought a charm to quick sketches of him.  

Drawing people is a good way to develop observational skills & to develop working quickly! 
A lovely afternoon - thank you & very well done Mandy!

Mandy:  lady at computer (cropped)

Mandy:  lady at computer

Christine:  lady at computer &
women who stood in front of lady at computer 
The sketch on the top right of the page is of an elderly lady from behind:  the only part of her head showing was the bottom of her hat.  
The very dark patch on the right was made testing burnishing tools.

Mandy:  fidgety boy

Christine:  from left: seated lady, fidgety boy & woman with him 

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