Thursday, 22 February 2018

personal & precious - pastel on paper

This was trickier this week and was met by varying degrees of success.
However, it was an opportunity to experiment and we seemed to laugh a lot!

The task... 
using pastel on brown paper depict two or three objects; a precious object, an object that means nothing to you and an object somewhere in between.
This can be done by using line, colour, scale & composition.
Maybe include a context within the drawing.

Mabel:  Mediterranean eye
[The grids are formed by lifting off excess pastel rather than blowing it over me!]

Monica:  Swiss watch & Alps

Monica (2nd & much quicker drawing)

Dorothy:  Dad's "thingamajig"
[Not many would include their glasses in a drawing.  The things that help them see...
Lovely morning - good company & great fun! 
Well done & thank you ladies.

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