Sunday, 20 December 2015

How to make a paper snowflake...

you need 
6 squares of paper, all the same size

with one of the squares...
1  fold corner to corner
2  fold corner to corner again
3  keeping the same orientation as 2, make 3 cuts to about 2cm from the vertical fold
carefully open out
4  stick the centre "square" together (This can be done over a pencil if necessary.)
turn piece over

5 & 6  repeat with next corners of paper 
7  continue turning over and sticking corners together
make five more in the same way

8  attached three of the finished pieces together using a stapler
repeat with final three
9  join the two halves of the snowflake with a stapler
glue mid sections to hold the snowflake together

Top Tips

  • decorate with glitter
  • coloured or patterned paper makes interesting effects
  • The height of the snowflake is twice the distance from corner to corner diagonally of the square size used.  
  • You could go really large or very small!

Have fun...

Art Circle Lytham:  a curtain of snowflakes made from pages from the Booths Christmas Catalogue (cut into squares first).

 Thank you to Jane who showed us how to do this. x

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