Friday, 4 December 2015

Christmas is coming...

to Lytham and St Annes Art Circles.
A cheeky peek at Art Circles' Christmas exhibitions.

"Booths . The Great Northern Christmas . 2015" catalogue is so beautifully presented and packed with wonderful local produce and Christmassy treats we decided to use the pages and images to create our "Christmas Card" for the Lytham library.

We're making more next Wednesday (11 - 12.30) if you would like to join us and we're setting up two more Christmassy things too!

work in progress

St Annes Art Circle is having a ball (sorry)...

rather it's an "oops, look what was collected on the way downhill by the snow-ball".

Come and join us next Thursday (11 - 12.30) to have a go.  Maybe bring a picture of who you would like to send flying, create a visual pun or just make snowballs... 

detail of Magi snowball featuring Alvin Hall; definitely a wise man

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