Thursday, 12 March 2015

conveying ideas through appropriated objects and text

To complete experimenting with assemblage and collage, this week we explored the power of text in art and how to diminish its impact and how to enhance it.

We found; 

  • by covering the object completely in text, the words merged together and become a background.  
  • Text is enhanced by adding words and phrases at a different angle to the background.  
  • small amounts of colour or an image will stand out from the background text.

Sourcing or photocopying pertinent text to use as a background can emphasise the meaning without detracting from the additions.


Angie:  unfinished



Music is less ambiguous and therefore less subtle than text which makes the work more illustrative and perhaps slightly more craft than art but the results can still be compelling. 

Well done everyone!

Next week we're working with still life.  
If you would like to join us, you would be very welcome.

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