Thursday, 13 October 2016

Tonking, Durer's Grid and a laid back scarecrow...

Last week we drew from life - a bumper harvest of apple and pears provided the subject which we depicted using charcoal on paper.  

We explored Tonking which was named after Henry Tonks (1862 - 1937), a method of wiping out the drawing and reworking on top to create depth and a dynamic to the piece. It takes a brave soul to do this for the first time then it's sometimes difficult to stop...   

Apologies, someone forgot to take the camera so only Angie's work is shown here, however everyone else's was fab too.    

However, I did remember the camera this week.  (see below)

We looked at Durer's Grid which is a Renaissance drawing aid, and experimented with enlarging images and then either distorting them or drawing them without the grid.

Very interesting results and definite improvement in the drawings made.  
Well done everyone!

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