Tuesday, 7 August 2012

mid-project reflection...

Way back near the start of "Circles of Light (The Big Draw in Fylde) 2012" on 9th May, I received a package from America.  Inside were the completed circles of Miss Selway's Class.  Yes, I know "international" claims were made!

This was quite extraordinary in itself but if you look at the beautiful drawings of baseball, basketball etc you get a flavour of American culture.  It hadn't occured to me before but as Circles of Light unfolds and more drawings are made you get a real sense of British culture; a sense of the things that matter to us as individuals and a sense of national pride. 

The project was intentionally celebratory and about love and "feel good" sensibilities, particularly in 2012 the year of the Queen's Jubilee, the Olympics, the Open Golf held locally etc. (The Tour de France results were a fantastic bonus.) but now, as we're over half way through it's obvious the final work is equally about how we link together culturally and emotionally.  

Our culture is evident in drawings of shared interests and passions, our emotional connections are demonstrated not only in drawings of families and friends but also in the photographs taken to document participation.  These beautiful images have quite rightly, taken on a life of their own.

Thank you to everyone who has let me share these moments, I hope you like them as much as I do and a special thank you to Miss Selway's students for helping me see the obvious in the first place! 

Miss Selway's Class, April 2012:  California USA

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