Tuesday, 17 July 2012

What a lovely way to spend a wet Tuesday.

Mobile Library at Weeton

What a lovely way to spend a wet Tuesday. 

A special thank you to Jennifer at Thistleton Lodge Residential Home and her Lovely Ladies who made beautiful drawings of flowers, the countryside and "three minutes past six" [see below] and the brave souls who found me  sheltering in the mobile library. 

Tomorrow is the last day with the Mobile Library.  This is probably a good thing since every time I've met Janet, it has rained.  We've had persistant heavy rain, drizzle, showers, (Remember puddle jumping at Lund?) and even a thunder storm at Warton where mum's ran away to bring in their washing.

Will we buck the trend tomorrow?  Stanagate, Clifton 11 - 11.30am bring a brolly.  :) 

Thistleton Lodge Residential Home's Lovely Ladies 

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