Thursday, 12 July 2012

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Circles of Light – Fylde a not-for-profit enterprise which;
  • presents participant centred, creative activities for all ages and abilities
  • offers mentoring and work experience to early career artists and makers in delivering and managing creative activities in community settings
  • works with clients to design, deliver and manage bespoke creative activities, projects and programmes
Participants (all ages and abilities)
We aim to;
  • help you develop your creativity
  • encourage you to make creative decisions
  • show your work in non-traditional ways
We will do this by forming groups or circles of like minded individuals who will have a say in the activities.  Your input will bring new, exciting, relevant, creative opportunities and events to Fylde.
To take part, contact Christine at clearly stating “participant”.

Artists & Makers
We aim to support artists and makers who want to work in community settings either to deliver work for other people or to develop their own projects.

Free mentoring is offered in all aspects of project development, project management and preparation of funding applications.  Work experience will be available in project delivery and where possible this will be paid. 
To register, contact Christine at clearly stating “artist / maker”.
Partners & Clients
Circles of Light – Fylde offers a bespoke service to organisations, agencies and schools to develop, deliver and source funding for creative projects that address specific needs. To find out more or to arrange an initial meeting please email Christine at  

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