Thursday, 12 September 2019

a warm up & bowling bowls

In celebration of my bowling team winning the league cup (Hoorah!), I decided a set of bowls would make the perfect still life!

Before we began everyone was asked to draw the subject quickly, using biro with their "wrong" hands.  Then to repeat using their "right" hands:  in this case everyone used their right hand except me - my "right" hand was left...

We then went on to make drawings using pencil.
The sometimes quirky but lovely results are below.
Very well done everyone!

Next week we will use craft knives and a cutting board.  If you have them, could you bring them please. 

Dorothy "wrong" hand

Dorothy right hand

Myra "wrong" hand

Myra right hand

Derrick "wrong" hand

Derrick right hand
Christine right/wrong hand

Christine left/right hand

Myra - cropped. 
Beautiful, strong mark making Myra - well done!




Christine:  demo page

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