Friday, 19 October 2018

sycamore seed sets

Firstly we looked at the work of Natasha Clutterbuck who makes large drawings of the produce grown in her garden and allotment.  Natasha uses natural dyes to add colour to her work which produces wonderful mellow tones to highlight her flowing, organic drawings.
[This tied in with last week when we looked at potatoes.]

Next we considered Lisa Milroy's oil paintings of familiar items, mathematically laid out into sets.

The task:
Draw a single sycamore seed or several sycamore seeds arranged on squared paper.

[The squared paper gave horizontal and vertical lines to help with the proportions of the subject.  It also enabled the items to be evenly spaced, if required.]

Not an easy task particularly with evenly spaced, overhead lighting.  The results follow.  
Very well done everyone!  

Natasha Clutterbuck: Nepeta, beetroot & broadbean

Natasha Clutterbuck

Lisa Milroy:  Hardware, oil on canvas 203 x 284.5 cm

Lisa Milroy:  Stamps, oil on canvas 203 x 284.5 cm






Demo page

Natasha Clutterbuck

Lisa Milroy

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