Friday, 17 July 2015

Books as Material, St Annes is... OPEN St Annes Library, 18 – 26 July as part of St Annes Music & Arts Festival

The Boleyn Inheritance & Flowers in Vase
part of Books as Material, St Annes

Read Leaves, untitled and Legacy
part of Books as Material, St Annes

part of Books as Material, St Annes
[Above are a few of the items on display.]

Art Circle explored the idea of using books as material. 
We found we could use the whole book, the pages or other parts of the book.  Possible processes included; cut-outs, folding, curling, rolling and origami.  We also considered using text as a background or subject and covers & pages as support.  Finally we thought about context; context in relationship to material, process and location of the final pieces.

Art Circle is a place to enable us to develop our creativity and extend our ways of seeing.  We meet at Lytham and St Annes Libraries each week during term time.  Cost is kept to a minimum and averages at £3 per session although it may be more depending on materials used.  Contact: 01253 713553              

Have a go art activity...
11 - 5pm Thurs, 23 July 2015 
Bright & Breezy - colourful things that fly; from butterflies and space ships to texts and cupid's arrows.  

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