Monday, 6 July 2015

Between us, we know everything... What do you know?

from a mobile studio in Lowther Gardens, 4 - 9 August, 11am - 3pm daily:  an opportunity to share your knowledge and be part of a quirky web resource.  
2010 marked the last print edition of the Encyclopaedia Britannica: in 25 years, the web has replaced a 246-year old resource.
Between us, we know everything…. seeks to capture what we know, everything we know, anything we know. Its about all the useful and useless information weve acquired over the course of our lives. Its about putting faces to the facts, and bringing people into the story - making a huge online map of knowledge.  
Quarantine invites you to make your contribution. Visit the mobile video studio to film a piece of information that you want to share with the world. Well film you sharing your knowledge, and upload it to a dedicated website.
The project involves the presentation of three pieces of Quarantine’s work: Between us, we know everything..., The Soldier’s Song, and Table Manners. All or a combination of these three works will be presented over the 2 years, in collaboration with our project partners, who are: Contact, Manchester; Live at LICA, Lancaster; Derby Theatre; Spot on Lancashire (rural touring network); Quays Culture, Salford; Compass Live Art Festival, Leeds; Salford Community Leisure; WLCT, Wigan; Manchester City Council and Oldham Council. Research, analysis and training will also be delivered by The Audience Agency. 

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