Friday, 19 December 2014

Art Circle: Tate Britain & Consequences Christmas Trees...

We looked at some of Tate Britain's Christmas Trees made by contemporary artists and we had a go at making our own "consequences" versions.
Random results...

St Thomas's School Choir sang to us too.

"Peace on Earth" Fiona Banner 2007
tree and handmade, kit models of all the world's fighter aircraft

Later, in 2011 Fiona Banner brought two life-sized sculptures made from a decommissioned Sea Harrier and a Jaguar into the Tate making the terrifying into beautiful thought provoking pieces.

"Harrier & Jaguar" Fiona Banner 2011
BAe Sea Harrier, paint, rigging

untitled, Lisa Milroy 1990
tree & painted baubles on canvases
Lisa Milroy's work around 1990 was about grouping beautifully painted, mostly everyday objects either on one large canvas or on individual smaller canvases.  This tree is unmistakable by Milroy.

Mark Wallinger 2003
aspen tree & rosaries
In Mark Wallinger's piece we're reminded of the birth and death of Jesus. 
The Rosary Beads are a guide to assist in prayer and meditation centring on the Virgin Mary, Mother of God; the tree is a reminder of the wood of the cross; and its sparseness, the loss to the world at the crucifixion. 
Christian or not it's a powerful reminder that life and death walk hand in hand.  

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