Friday, 12 December 2014

Art Circle: abstraction / composition

Henri Matisse was the starting point for today's session although we glanced at 
Jim Lambie, Jasper John and Mark Rothko too.

All art is an abstraction in some way:  our approach this morning was to find an accessible way - no right or wrong - just having a go.  

The excellent results are below.  Well done everyone!  

Matisse:  The Yellow Curtain, 1915 
Matisse:  The Sheaf 1953
Matisse:  The Snail 1953
Jim Lambie:  Fruit Market Edinburgh 1999       
Jasper John:  0 through 9 1960

Cutting and pasting using wallpaper, coloured paper and free magazines.

Cutting again if necessary, reorganising and finding the image by cropping.

Graham:  untitled

Richard:  festival

Angie:  untitled


Monica:  untitled

Monica:  untitled

Our last session this year is next week, 18th December.  

Art Circle returns 8th January 2015.

Want to have a go too?  
Come and join us.  Beginners, improvers and experts welcome...

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