Sunday, 7 December 2014

Art Circle: Mr Turner & Back to Basics

To quote an artist who taught me a great deal especially how to draw, "It's a good start."  Hear this with a beautiful, broad Lancashire accent.

Indeed it was a good start.  The prospect of the circle is very exciting.  We've already shared ideas for the future including outings, sand sculpture, photography of found objects and a hands on approach to abstract art which we will touch on next week, 11th December.  We'll also look more closely at the work of James Turrell and more traditional abstract artists along with a contemporary one. 

The first session was about getting to know each other a little and sharing what Art Circle is and can be.  (An outline of this is on a separate page within this blog.)  We also tried different drawing media and different papers in a back to basics approach.  
The Turner Prize was discussed alongside "Mr Turner", the film which depicts the last 25 years of Turner's life.  This eccentric landscape painter shocked the art world with his work and his behaviour...  fab!

Your not too late to join us.  There are two more sessions before Christmas, 11th & 18th December then we return on 8th January.  

Art Circle:  Back to Basics


  1. Keep up the great work Christine. Your work with people from all walks of life is inspirational.

  2. You are one shiny personage xx

  3. Thank you - I don't know what to say... thank you. xxx