Saturday, 16 January 2021

from our walk...

This series started during the first lockdown in March 2020.  At the time I hadn't thought of it as a series.  I took photographs from a particular place on each of our daily walks and bike rides and shared to social media - part documentary, part something to do.   

As we experienced our lovely warm spring and summer, the images, still from the same place began to have a life of their own.  Not only did they document the location, state of the tide, weather etc but they also became a social record of visitors to the area.  At one stage families and crowds of friends were everywhere across the beach and sand dunes; playing, paddling, sunbathing and all the other joyful things you can do at the seaside.  The negative side of this was the detritus they left behind, the germs they shared and the litter trails carried by the wind.  

This lockdown, January 2021, the images have been taken at different locations.  The precise way they have been taken have turned them into something else again.  "Island:  lockdown 3" reflects the islands households have become. 

"Island:  lockdown 3"  January 2021

after lockdown 1, spring/summer 2020

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