Thursday, 13 September 2018

aerial perspective

After our summer's break, Art Circle is back.

This week we broke down how to depict aerial perspective.  That is, how colours seem to fade the further away they are.  

Our starting point were photographs of an assortment of Scottish castles.
From these we outlined the main shapes of the chosen image onto paper.
Then we used coloured pencils to give more intense colour in the foreground and less intense colour in the background 

By concentrating on the foreground and the background and leaving the castles until last, we could understand more easily how this process worked.

Once satisfied with this stage, an informed decision could be made on how or if, to draw the castle. 

The results are below.  
Well done everyone!

Christine decided not to include the castle but used a more intense colour
in the trees.  This stitched the two areas together.  Lovely!

Derrick inadvertently used an intense green on the distant hills
which brought them forward but his mid-distance trees work
well to visually link the near and the distant.  Nice one Derrick!

Monica:  warm-up drawing in ink

Monica decided to use an assortment of colours in the castle
to finish her drawing.  Lovely!  

demo:  drawing main shapes of image

demo:  (left) how to achieve dark colours without using black

demo:  tonal values using one colour or three

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