Thursday, 3 March 2016

form from beautiful boxes

Since January we have been working through some of the processes that artists may use when drawing and creating work. 

We've looked at; 
  • line and narrative or story
  • line and shape
  • composition by analysing others' work and by creating our own
  • context by creating settings for found images
  • 3D narrative and scale

This week we looked at form.  making an object depicted on a flat or 2 dimensional support appear 3 dimensional  Tricky business this art malarkey...

The first task was to see how dark we could make the pencil marks and to make a range of tones between that and the light colour of the page.  These beautiful boxes served as a reference to help make the contrasts needed to give the drawings form.   

The drawings are below - well done everyone you all worked so hard on this!

Next week we'll be re-visiting colour.  



Brenda - Lytham

Brenda - St Annes







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