Thursday, 26 February 2015

St Annes Library, using collage to explore narrative in visual art.

Making connections is fundamental to how many artists think and work.
We began the session by bringing together images that could tell a story.  We each worked separately without disclosing our ideas to enable others in the group to "read" the work made, once finished.

Everyone brought their own ideas to the individual pieces and although the sense of each work was understood, we decided a title might work as an additional pointer to ensure the artists' message was clear.

Informed by our discussion, a very quick second piece was undertaken some of which had surprising results.

This approach could easily be the starting point of drawings or paintings.   

Angie 1:  Fallen
 From fertile and fecund downward to introspection and sadness; the loss of a baby.

Angie 2:  untitled 
 Phoenix, pregnancy, a new beginning.

Betty 1:  Metamorphosis of a Princes
This turned a little unsettling when Betty disclosed that the body of the person on the left was an image of the body of the person in the middle.

Betty 2:  untitled
This piece brought in a range of ideas from "running away" and "needing lots of shoes" to "not wanting to be in her shoes" and "to never criticise another until you've walked a mile in their moccasins."

Maria 1:  Dinner Time
Self explanatory and fabulous use of colour in this.  My image doesn't do it justice.

Maria 2:  Save the Whales

 Lovely ambiguity - could easily be Save the Wales'.
Monica 1:  Beginning to find the End
 A journey through life.

Monica 2:  Apple of My Eye
 Tears were added to the pictogram to make a gentle expression of loss.

Jeanette 1:  Someone to Watch over Me
 The first piece enabled a simplified, expression of health and vitality in the second.

Jeanette's 2nd piece

Remarkable work - well done again!

Next week we're exploring narratives using assemblage and working three dimensionally.  Do join us if you would like to have a go.  

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