Friday, 6 February 2015

Art Circle: 2 into 3 will go...

We looked at different qualities of paper and experimented.

One piece of paper, plain or printed was folded / scrunched / torn / cut (with scissors) / rolled and manipulated; all the page was included nothing was discarded; and sculptures began to appear...

This week was all about the process.  
We didn't look at other art work first so this is the first time the group will see how well they did next to artists who work this way.

Next week we'll bring out the knives...

Simone:  "Footprints in Snow"

Peter Callesen:  Hold on to Me Yourself
Peter Callesen
Peter Callesen:  Cowboy 2006
link to Peter Callesen

by Angie

by Richard
by Jeanette
by Graham
by Jeanette
Jennifer Khoshbi

Sue Blackwell:  Through the Looking Glass

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