Thursday, 28 November 2019

Nag Stones & Nancy Holt: white on black

Prompted by a collection of Nag Stones, pebbles with a hole through them, we looked at artwork using holes as an integral part of the work and how viewfinders, in particular the Claude Glass, have been used by artists.

The collected stones were drawn on to black paper using white pens and in some cases, developed further.  The wonderful results follow below.

Well done everyone - some very lovely drawings were made!

Nancy Holt:  Sun Tunnels 1973 - 76 Great Basin Utah

Nancy Holt:  views through a sand dune 1972 

James Turrell:  Yorkshire Sculpture Park

Dorothy:  a triptych

Will:  putting an object through the hole





Margaret:  These brought Barbara Hepworth to mind.

Barbara Hepworth



Christine:  demo page

Nag Stones from South Sea

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