Thursday, 21 June 2018

Lowther Gardens, bowlers & roses

A beautiful afternoon watching the bowling and drawing the people on and around the green followed by landscape sketching looking out from the rose garden.  

The first time I came close to roses in an artistic way, was when I took watercolour classes around 24 years ago, before I studied art more formerly.  My task at the time was to watch the demonstration, note the colour mixes, then paint my own.  My instructor produced beautiful pink roses.  Mine, mine were orange tennis balls! 

My roses are a little better now but it's down to observation rather than copying another person's technique.  That is partly why I show different approaches at Art Circle rather than expecting everyone to produce something similar to me.  
The results are wonderful!

Lowther Gardens, through the rose garden





Mike:  thumbnail sketches

Mike:  selected area

Mike:  area defined

Christine:  roses not footballs

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