Friday, 11 May 2018

a simplified approach to perspective...

These are amazing results!
I have another star baker... this time it's Derrick who, like many folk, doesn't realise how lovely his work is.

The Task...
  • using three colours make swathes of simple shapes across the page
  • decrease their size as they go further up the page
  • strengthen the colours of those nearer the bottom of the page
  • add stems from the colours with a downward mark
  • add grass with upward marks  
  • if using water-soluble colour pencils, add water to the lower part of the work
This process gives a sense of distance - a simplified approach to perspective.


Dorothy 1
I suggested cropping Dorothy's work but on reflection, I think the original works better. 

Dorothy 2

Ken 1

We started the session by looking at van Gogh's gardens and fields which inspired Ken to work using pattern with great success.  Brilliant!

Ken 2

Ken 3

Ken 4


Again, inspired by van Gogh, Mabel decided to make a plant.  The marks and colour were deliberately chosen to resemble fire.

Mike 1

Mike 2

Beautiful work everyone - well done!

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