Thursday, 11 February 2016

Three dimensional narrative...

using a column and pages from books.

What an eclectic mix - well done everyone!
That's my need for cutting and sticking out of the way for a little while...

Art Circle breaks now for half term returning;  
Lytham Library:  Wed, 24 Feb, 11 - 12.30 pm
St Annes Library:  Thurs, 25 Feb, 11 - 12.30 pm
Fylde Gallery, Booths Lytham:  Wed, 24 Feb, 1.30 - 3 pm

Penny:  Garden of Delights

Angie:  Swan Lake

Betty:  Fox, the villain of the peace.

[with apologies if I remembered incorrectly]:  
Bill:  Mary had a little lamb, its feet as white as snow.  
Everywhere that Mary went she had a fur coat.  

Brenda:  Butterfly Music

Christine:  unfinished

Christine G:  Rapunzel 

David:  The Incredible Story (seed - bird - seed)


Elizabeth Anne:

Jontie:  Songs of the Sea

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