Wednesday, 29 April 2015

art as facilitator...

What a lively morning in Lytham Library with Art Circle discussing a selection of objects from
Our discussions included:  resemblance; sensibilities; materials; processes; context; art or craft?; artist; viewer; curator; funder; art as facilitator; "new" art (Impressionism, Cubism & now) and art as messenger (Victorian & now).
I think everyone went home for a rest...

Excellent stuff - well done everyone & a continued thank you to the artists who allow me to show their work.

Abigail Amelia Hunt  “folding”  (folded book pages, thread, pencil)  1 x 3cm 
Obsessive work.  One of nine thousand handmade parcels - each identical
 - each unique - each existing within the larger group
John Dawson   “Bear”  (polyurethane foam)  20 x 17 x 24cms:
“You’re weak, you’re useless, you wont last 5 minutes out there in the big wide world.  
So be careful and don’t talk to strangers.”(message to  sculpture JD)

Marguerite Knight  “Fibre Painting #7” (fibre & acrylic on board) 23 x 28cm  
…evocative rather than prescriptive.  The paintings are not “abstracted from” 
nature, but are rather a product of it in the form of imagination.

Anna Roebuck  “fruit, veg & bags” recycled plastic bags & fruit nets

Liz Sparks  “Knottie”  (woolen blanket and satin) 9.5 x 9.5cm 
“…a souvenir of the complexity of family life” 

Tim Machin  “Ship”   (ink cartridge, plasticine) 4 x 0.5cm 
souvenir becoming memoir

Sid Foster  turned sycamore bowl

Julie Lang  “untitled”  (ten pound note & acrylic) 7.4 x 14cm  
manipulation and re presentation

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