Notes on Assemblage

Assemblage is a form of sculpture made from or including found objects. 

Found objects can be anything from blades of grass to cows in formaldehyde; from broken toys to bullets and every other object that comes to mind.

Assemblages are three dimensional and shouldn’t be confused with collage.  However, art is full of cross-overs and the two processes work well together.

To make a successful assemblage piece, the found objects must add to the work’s meaning and contribute to the visual coherence of the piece:  all of which is subjective and depends greatly on the artist’s intent. 

As a species our brains naturally try to make connections or spot differences between things to make sense of our world.  This is how we have learnt to survive.  In an art situation we do the same.  Our brains will automatically try to make connections.  In visual art the connections may be between colour, shape, size etc:  assemblage adds another dimension to how we read an artwork.

Artists who use assemblage and /or found object as part of their practise;

Tony Cragg

Bill Woodrow

Cornelia Parker

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