What is Art Circle?

Art Circle is a place to enable us to develop our creativity and extend our ways of seeing.

We'll learn about how artists work and how to read artworks
we'll work in different scales
we'll work outside as well as inside 
we'll make things as individuals and we might make things together 
we'll use words/text in our work and when we're more confident…
we might exhibit what we have made.
We’ll also have fun with it!

Process will be as important as output.

It’s about collaboration not competition.  We all have different skills, experiences & knowledge.  I will learn from you as I share my approaches with you.  It’s about being an individual that inevitably enhances the whole.

Anyone who would like to join in...  This is a quality activity led by an experienced artist & project manager whose previous work includes award winning Circles of Light – Fylde (The Big Draw in Fylde) 2012 and counterpart:  Lytham Interventions 2016

When & Where
Thursdays    11 – 12.30 on-line.

Cost  £10 per session
payable via PayPal

Sessions will have a structure but ideas / topics will evolve as we get to know each other.
Sessions will be mostly hands on but we might have discussions too. 

We’re going to be very questioning – maybe!

It wont always be easy but you will increase your knowledge & skills adding to your arsenal of art approaches.

I’ll also try to keep you up to speed on what’s happening locally and in the art world in general.

Occasionally, I will entice you to be part of my projects. 

I will always answer queries, please ask.

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