Art Circle: Suggested Materials List

These are the things we are most likely to use.

To give you more choice in individual activities you may prefer to bring materials you enjoy using.  eg Measured drawing can be done in pencil, charcoal, coloured pencil etc.  I will continue to supply the basics of what we need, particularly if it’s a specific task or something new to most people.

We will occasionally be making cut-outs so it would be useful if you had a craft knife or scalpel and a cutting mat.  The back of an A4 pad makes a reasonable cutting mat too.

I’ll try to give you notice of what’s needed but bringing a basic art bag each week might be useful.

2B pencil & soft eraser
Ruler / straight edge
Masking tape
Drawing board
Cartridge paper
Sketch book [A4 or A3]
Indelible fine or medium black pen
Charcoal & hard eraser

Craft knife or scalpel [huge variety available, mine have snap-off blades to keep my fingers safe!]
Cutting mat [£3.00 ish for A4 at The Works or The Range or use back of A4 note pad]
Scissors  [ I’ll bring some too if cutting is planned.]

To add colour to work one of these would be useful.

Coloured pencils [I’ll bring mine.  If you prefer your own, I would recommend artist quality ones.]
Soft pastels

This isn’t a shopping list, try mine before you buy!  Quality art materials are an investment and can be expensive however cheaper ones can quickly become a disappointment.

If you have materials that you’re not sure how to use, please ask me.  If I don’t know, I can find out.

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